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Saturday, April 21st 2012, 2:34pm

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Hi everybody,

my name is Oliver and I am (the owner of) Dog´s Percussion in Kiel (in the north of Germany). I started to build cajones in 2005, because I was asked to give a workshop on musical instrument construction for occupational therapists. At that time you could already find several tutorials in the internet how to build afro-peruvian cajones. Beside pan flutes, didgeridoos and cowbells six cajones were produced under my direction. But all of them became more or less unacceptable (seen from a musical point of view) and I got very furious about this. So, constructing a perfect cajon became a so-called "fixed idea" and I developed a kind of guiding vision: the cosmic box. In German you have the alliteration Kosmische Kiste (=cosmic box) what makes it probably easier to believe that there could exist a higher sense behind all profan daily efforts in my little workshop ;) . But until today my work has really maintained it´s experimental character. This means: every Dog´s cajon differs in (at least) one single detail from the others.

In 2007 I was asked by Arend Schmidt-Landmeier (Hamburg) to join the conception- and coordination-team for the first cajon festival in Germany (Horner Cajon-Festival) and 2008 I registered Dog´s Percussion as a trade officially. At the same time I met Markus Zell, a drum teacher in Kiel, who was already playing cajon in several folk groups.

We had lots of discussions and his ability to demonstrate rhythmic conceptions (for example how a drummer like Steve Gadd would play a pattern on cajon etc.) inspired me very much.

Another validation for my work happened when Nené Vásquez wanted a cajon and later asked me to co-operate regarding a signature model.

And now I am very excited about the upcoming co-operation with the new Dog´s endorser Benjamin Sommer, who is a percussion-player (and -teacher) from Odense (Danmark).

Finally I want to out myself as the initiator of I am here as dogspercussion as well as (who is responsible for the more technical things).

I am looking forward to good discussions with friends all over the world. :)


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Sunday, April 22nd 2012, 12:54am

Thank you for giving us this platform and the opportunity for exchange!
I think this is a great idea and will try to help and spread the word!